The AI Summit — hosted in New York City on December 5 and 6 — is one of the world’s largest artificial intelligence (AI) conferences for business. Intouch sent two members of the innovation team; here’s the recap!

The AI Summit served as a confirmation that AI is not just hype – there are actual business implementations driving real value.

We heard from many of the tech giants, such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google about newer applications of AI, along with some promising start-ups poised to bring innovative solutions to industries like finance and healthcare.

One of the key themes: AI developers have a responsibility to create fair, ethical algorithms that don’t carry the bias of their human creators.

Photo of speaker panel at 2018 AI Summit in Chicago

The session “Responsible AI: Setting the Foundations for a Fair, Ethical, Diverse AI Proposition” featured leaders from IBM, The New School and the New York Times. They spoke about the need for AI organizations to recognize bias since awareness is an important step in creating fair and ethical AI models.

The healthcare panels had discussions on pharma using AI in imaging and R&D. AI is not only accelerating the time to discovery for new treatments, but also being used to test these discoveries in a lab to vet efficacy before it is ever used by a human in trials.

In addition to learning about practical implementations and best practices for AI, we also caught a glimpse of the (very possible) future. Sophia the Robot took a break from appearing on The Tonight Show to present alongside Dr. Ben Goertzel. Their presentation about decentralized AI teases a world in which developers across the globe can contribute to an artificial general intelligence (AGI) by leveraging blockchain.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth piece about trends in the AI community in 2019 and beyond! We’re excited about where AI and machine learning are heading, especially in healthcare, and can’t wait to share.

Andrew Grojean is Innovation Senior Manager at Intouch Solutions.