Whether we’re going #ALLin to help patients and caregivers, using our paid time off to volunteer at a local animal shelter, cheering on our teammates during Corporate Challenge season, or supporting our annual Philanthropy Week activities, Intouchers enjoy getting involved. And while many of the activities we participate in benefit our communities, we’re also lucky to have access to a number of great networking opportunities … because who you know really does matter. In Kansas City, there’s the American Advertising Federation-KC and its spinoff Ad2 KC for folks 32 and younger; the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, and now, the fledgling Top Gun KC, which limits membership to those born +/- 7 years of 1986.

Ashley Stout, a media planner in the KC office, was recently selected for membership in Top Gun, which describes itself as a free, peer-to-peer organization that connects young, success-minded people for mentorship, service to community, and of course, networking. That Ashley was selected to be a member deserves a special nod, because not everyone who applies IS selected. Interviews are competitive, two letters of recommendation from current members are required, and being able to show past community involvement definitely works in your favor.

Photo of new Top Gun KC members

But why get involved at all? Why not just work your 9 to 5, go home and binge-watch Netflix? Because evidence shows that getting involved can be good for your mind, your body, and even your professional life.

Ashley agrees.

“My advice to young professionals is to get involved,” she says. “There’s so many great organizations for young professionals to take advantage of. For anyone coming out of college, I definitely recommend trying out a few groups. It’s great to push yourself out of your comfort zone, meet new people and grow professionally!”

If you’re thinking about get involved, whether to volunteer or build your professional connections, don’t wait; do it today. If you’d like to work with really smart, really involved people, check out our open positions – there are currently 62 openings in four major cities. You may be exactly who we’re looking for!