This past March, a team from Intouch took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada (along with 12,000 other people) and found ourselves wrapped in the excitement of the 2018 Adobe Summit. Throughout the four-day event, we attended keynotes and presentations designed to wow the digital marketing masses surrounding its theme: It’s all about customer experience.

“As expectations change, experiences must evolve.” – Sir Richard Branson

Customers’ expectations for personalized experiences are rising, and there’s a proven return on the investment for offering personalized versus non-personalized content. The Adobe Experience Cloud platform is undoubtedly a best-in-class platform that helps provide these experiences by sharing audiences, content, data and insights across channels.

Adobe showcased several innovations that streamline the way we do digital marketing. We saw intriguing new features to help alleviate the pain points of content creation by automatically uploading, cropping, and tagging digital assets in seconds. They demonstrated their new cloud-hosted data platform Adobe XDM, their proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) engine ‘Sensei’, and their ability to leverage data and AI to more accurately predict a visitor’s conversion propensity. Adobe’s platform makes our jobs easier and ultimately helps our clients save time and money on their marketing efforts.

But, if you work in the pharmaceutical industry, you may have done more eye rolling than dice rolling in Vegas. Throughout the event it became more and more evident that while Adobe may have presented their ability to be a leader in digital marketing, the challenges of digital marketing in pharma were not represented or addressed.

“Partners like Intouch understand the challenge of message relevance in today’s crowded market, and they know how to leverage Adobe’s platforms to build clients scalable and innovative solutions.” – Rian Turpin, Senior Global Alliance Manager, Adobe

Hey Adobe, What About Pharma?

There were over 200 breakout sessions for nearly every industry verticalexcept pharma. We saw demonstrations, case studies, and success stories from financial services, media and entertainment, retail, and travel and hospitality. But only two sessions applied to healthcare, and those were both related to insurance companies. We heard things like, “Use Adobe Sensei to automatically select and display images on your homepage in real time.” Then we heard the sound of the FDA and legal review teams giggling from the back of the room. As experts in the Adobe Experience Cloud and the pharmaceutical industry, a little translation was needed to show our clients how the presentations were relevant for pharma.

Modern Marketing Is the Key to Leverage Adobe’s Platform

Modern marketing is Intouch’s approach to pharmaceutical marketing. It leverages “analytics” to fuel “creative” that’s enabled by “technology” to create experiences that “anticipate relevance.” Adobe Experience Manager is a great tool to manage and efficiently deploy content. Add on Adobe Target, and brand marketers can optimize experiences through planned personalization and A/B Testing. Add Media Optimizer to the mix, and you can integrate and quickly deploy paid media efforts. The tools are great, but truth be told, they’re best when used to their full potential. Having a Porsche and only driving it in school zones is a wasted investment and a poor experience … How do you take tools like Adobe out on the open road to drive your business goals? The tool is not the end point but instead how it is used. We believe platforms like Adobe, when used with a modern marketing approach, allow pharmaceutical marketers to do more with greater impact.

Takeaways for Healthcare Marketers From the Adobe Summit

  • Create design that’s beautiful, intelligent, creative.
  • Never lose focus on the human element: Keep interactions front and center.
  • Great experiences are formed by data but delivered by content.
  • Use analytics to become predictive, serving customers what they need even before they realize they need
  • Developing a customer profile focusing on customer identity fuels trusted relationships with personalization, preferences, and privacy.
  • Improve the user experience by minimizing data collection.
  • Safeguard data privacy with clarity, choice, and the control to build and maintain trust.

Pharma organizations could clearly benefit from using a platform like Adobe to help simplify the way they do marketing; but, they need a partner that understands how to leverage these tools in a highly restricted industry like pharma. Pharma requires additional workflows and gateways in order to put regulatory eyes on content first. The XDM platform might allow an airline company to collect and manage data in the cloud and flag certain content as sensitive personally identifiable information, but what about protected health information data? Will a low-cost, offshore development team that just completed their last cable TV website know how to leverage these automated tools to work through a site submission? A label change? Do they understand which data that you legally leverage to drive a personalized experience?

As Adobe’s first Specialized Partner in the pharmaceutical industry, Intouch knows the answers. If you have questions about how Adobe can work for your brand, reach out to your account rep or

Authors: Brad Meehan, sr. tech strategist-enterprise marketing cloud platforms; and Aaron Uydess, EVP, customer experience & analytics