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A Summer at Intouch

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Passionate, driven, committed and positive describe just a handful of the attributes our team shares, and our interns are no exception. As the summer comes to a close and students make their way back to their universities, Intouch says goodbye to our 14 fabulous summer interns of 2013.

For the past four years, Intouch has been privileged to work with outstanding interns during the summer months. Interning with Intouch is no ordinary experience. You won’t find them making coffee runs here! Spread out between different departments: Strategic Services, Account Services, Business Development, Creative and IT, interns gain real-world experience in the area that interests them most. To gain a better understanding of the experience, we interviewed three stellar interns about their summer at Intouch.

Here are a couple of highlights from the interviews:

What was your favorite experience?

"My favorite experience, by far, was actively coordinating and participating in a brainstorm with several of Intouch’s senior directors and an EVP." - Caleigh Williams, Business Development intern

"My favorite experience was being involved in a brand planning event for one of our clients. I appreciated that I always felt welcome to share my thoughts with the industry professionals." — Paige Blackburn, Account Services intern

"One of my favorite things was the uniqueness of each task. The team taught me several new skills in social media use and the projects for which I used those skills constantly changed." — Lisa Vachalek, Strategic Services intern

What did you learn that you didn’t know before you started your internship?

"This is really difficult to narrow down; so I’ll give you my top two. The people matter and do the work that you love." — Paige

"Wow, where to start? Pharma is such a unique industry, so almost everything was new to me. I came into the internship with what I thought were pretty decent social media skills, but I had to learn everything anew. The rules are different; what can be said, how it is said, etc. The process is incredibly important in this industry." — Lisa

"I came into the internship with minimal knowledge of the pharma industry. However, that quickly changed as I was immersed in it from day one. Intouch allowed me to grow as an individual, develop knowledge and obtain firsthand experience regarding pharma — from rules and regulations to digital and interactive marketing strategies, and even research and competitive analysis." - Caleigh

In addition to their daily responsibilities, all interns were broken up into small groups to prepare a "showcase presentation" at the end of the summer. Each group crafted a patient-centric innovation based on the disease/syndrome of their choosing, which they then presented to fellow interns, directors and executives.

How do you think your "showcase presentation" went?


"The intern showcase presentations were a great opportunity to use our insights, conduct industry specific research and develop innovative marketing strategies. The presentations described in one word: Awesome." — Caleigh



"Very well! We were grateful to have our CEO, Faruk Capan, and Executive VP, David Windhausen, attend our presentation. It was such a cool experience to be able to have face time with our company’s leaders." — Paige



"Our presentation went really well! We spent a lot of time practicing and refining our lifestyle app for hypertension patients. By the time we presented it to the company, we were excited to share our project." — Lisa


Congrats to all of our fabulous interns on a job well done this summer! Learn more about our internship program here.


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