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A New Beginning

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You may have noticed something… different… about our website. We’re starting off the year with a beautiful new look and feel. Featuring user-centric design and the latest technologies, we’ve created a content-rich destination that we hope will become central to your regular reading.

And one of the big changes is right here. As Madge once said, "You’re soaking in it."

Welcome to Intouch Soul.

Over the past ten years, Intouch Solutions has grown to be a leader in the pharma marketing industry. As such, we feel a certain responsibility to share what we know with others.

Many of the people here are already sharing their expertise through personal blogs and social media. They’re often called on to provide insights for industry publications. But, until now, there wasn’t a single forum for our leaders to come

That’s how Intouch Soul was born.

With Intouch Soul, we’re giving our brightest voices a place to be heard. People like:

  • Executive VP Wendy Blackburn, whose blog, ePharma Rx, has already become quite respected in the industry
  • Joey Barnes, our senior director of business development, who loves to discuss the impact of social, mobile, and other emerging media on pharma and health care
  • Even our CEO, Faruk Capan, will put in his two cents from time to time, discussing his vision for innovation and technology

These people, and the others you will meet on these pages, are the soul of our agency. Each one has a unique voice, and they are filled with wonderful, innovative ideas that will steer the future of this industry.

Intouch Soul isn’t just a play on the name of our website (, it also defines what we’re talking about: the matters at the heart and soul of Intouch Solutions. Whether discussing marketing or the pharma industry — or something completely off-topic, as we’ll do now and then — you’ll find us here discussing what inspires us, drives us, and fuels our creativity.

And we hope we will inspire you, too. We want to hear your voices as well, both in our comments area and in our inbox. We want you to reach out and tell us what’s important to you.

Thanks for visiting. We promise, we’ll keep "in touch."


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