Intouch is experiencing another growth spurt! We’ve recently opened a new office in Boston and are building a presence across California, too — so that means lots of new job opportunities — 81 as of this writing! — to choose from. One of the roles currently open is that of social media analyst, so we thought we’d revive our occasional “Day in the Life” series to give job seekers an idea of what it’s like to work in pharma marketing. For this post, we spoke with Erika Baker, a social media analyst in the KC office.

What field did you work in before you joined Intouch, and how long have you been in marketing?
I started at Intouch as an intern, so Intouch has been my first job! I’ve been working here for 4 years.

How would you describe your job to someone who isn’t in the marketing/advertising field?
I create and manage social communities for pharma companies that help patients, caregivers, doctor and nurses.

What are your typical responsibilities and challenges — what’s your average day like?
No day is like the other. Typically, lots of meetings about projects that involve my different clients. In between meetings, I’m usually cranking out social content, responding to users, reporting on metrics, pulling together concept and strategy decks and more!

How often do you interact with clients, and in what capacity?
I interact with clients on a daily basis – whether it’s a status meeting, project review, emails, or them giving me a quick call at my desk.

What type of a personality/disposition or skill(s) do you think is best suited for your job?
Being open to change and new ideas, detail oriented, organized, creative … just to name a few!

What do you find most challenging about your position?
All of the constant changes that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., make that we have to stay on top of and share with our clients. With such a regulated industry, we have to make sure our clients are staying compliant with the FDA and our medical/legal regulatory review teams.

How is working in pharma marketing different than you expected when you started here?
I think the biggest surprise for me was how much I’ve become connected and impacted by the communities our clients have created. I love how we are able to provide help and support to patients and caregivers that are struggling after a diagnosis.

How is social for pharma different than social in other industries?
It’s a little bit more slow-moving. Our team is constantly pushing our clients to keep up with new, innovative tactics on social, and while they are always up for new things, there are a lot of hoops and reviews that we have to go through before we can actually push it live.

How do you respond when people ask if your job is “playing on Facebook all day?”
I wish I had time to look at my own Facebook page all day!

Any advice for people interested in getting into social media analysis?
It’s very different than managing your own personal social channels, but it’s still very fun! Stay on top of social trends and updates and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to work at Intouch, check out our available positions. We’d love to hear from you!