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6 Mobile Marketing “Must Haves” for 2012 Planning

Chris Nelson

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For a few years, you’ve been reading about the tidal wave of smartphone sales, watched countless videos about how critical mobile is to a customer’s brand experience, and you know that mobile users will soon surpass desktop users.

The audience is unquestionably there, but less than 5% of your website’s visitors are from mobile devices. What gives?

You may be feeling like if 2012 arrives and there’s been no improvement, you will officially be left in the dust.

Sounds like you need to mobilize your mobile marketing efforts! A long-term strategy integrating mobile into your brand’s customer experience is needed. But, that may sound a little daunting or nonspecific to many — especially when you are just starting to think about mobile as part of your marketing mix.

Have no fear! We’ve provided a few quick and easy mobile “must haves” for 2012 marketing plans. Please note this is not a comprehensive list of all things mobile. Rather, this list is intended to help knock out some “quick wins” that can be implemented fairly quickly. Tired of hearing about apps? You might be surprised to learn we barely even mention those.

And the good news is you’re not left in the dust ... yet! While apps have proven popular, overall, the pharmaceutical industry appears to be lagging behind consumer and health care professional trends when it comes to mobile basics.. As of June 2011 — NONE of the top 15 pharmaceutical brands had mobile-optimized sites (the foundation for all things mobile.)

Without further ado, here are your top pharmaceutical mobile marketing “must haves” for 2012 plans.


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