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15 Ways You Know You Work at Intouch Solutions

Sarah Epstein

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This year, Intouch Solutions is celebrating 15 years in pharma marketing. During that time, we’ve developed a distinct culture — a way of doing things, saying things and making things happen. That’s why working together comes so naturally for us — whether we’re strategizing big projects or pairing up for a spirited beer pong tournament.

Do these sound like you? You probably work here (or you should).

1. When a drug commercial is on television, you find yourself identifying with the narrator’s struggle to connect with the consumer on an emotional level while simultaneously conveying the proper safety information.

2. There are entirely too many acronyms in your vocabulary. (“If MLR hasn’t OKed an updated PI and/or ISI by EOD, we might be SOL. If it’s a new AE, follow the SOP so the OPDP at the FDA doesn’t have a C-O-W.”)

3. You plan your social activities around your submission schedules. 

4. After many long hours of tirelessly researching disease states, you’ve become a bit of a hypochondriac. (“Yep, I definitely have that condition. I mean, sure, it says it only occurs in men ages 20-45 and I’m a woman, but these things can be subtle and sudden in nature. You have to be vigilant when monitoring your own health!”)

5. You’ve also diagnosed all of your friends and family with rare diseases.

6. You’ve accidentally told people that you sell drugs for a living. Whoops. (“What I…er…mean to say is I work for an advertising agency that works solely in the pharma/healthcare industry.”)                                

7. At cocktail parties, you catch yourself enthusiastically talking to a group of people about how you think a new MOA video you just produced will completely revolutionize people’s understanding of how a drug interacts with brain chemistry. Your excitement is only mildly muted by the blank stares and crickets you receive.

8. You’ve found your nerd-vana. Your interests in technology, science and sci-fi may have been off the beaten path when you were growing up but at Intouch? Not so. Here, you are surrounded by cool, like-minded futurists who take every opportunity to talk about tech trends and science.        

9. You love dreaming up new ways to integrate healthcare and technology, and you are stoked about getting to play in an industry that lets you make your science fiction fantasies a reality.

10. You’ve seriously considered starting a semi-pro beer pong circuit.

11. You appreciate non-pharma advertising campaigns, but your socks are only really knocked off when you see a powerful message delivered with perfect fair balance.

12. You’ve had at least one conversation about camping out in the KC lobby’s aviary — or maybe adding a monkey? =

13. You see the beautiful side of pharma — the really moving and powerful side, where a new medication makes a wonderful difference in the lives of millions of patients. And you want to shout about it from the rooftops because you know about the years of hard work, dedication and perseverance it takes to bring even one drug to the market.

14. You believe that the best relationships — whether it's with your coworkers or clients — are built on good communication, trust and having a common goal.

15. You don’t have boring small talk with coworkers around the water cooler. You have genuinely good times with the people you work with because they’re your true friends. You’re a part of a team that loves to work hard — and play hard (and our 15-year history shows that we definitely know how to do both at the same time). 



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