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SEARCH shortens URLs while keeping your links compliant in social spaces

Gain social ground.
Stay safe.

As pharma companies begin participating more and more in social spaces such as Twitter, small nuances begin to emerge. Sometimes, compliance issues arise that you didn’t even know were there.

And often, Intouch provides solutions before pharma companies even know they need it. Introducing – the first and only pharma-friendly URL shortener.

When shortened links are posted on social networks, the full URL could be exposed when a users’ cursor hovers over the short link. In addition, popular social sites sometimes grab random images for sharing at their discretion. The result? Either through the full URL or random image, your product name could appear without the necessary safety information.

Send your message.
Stay compliant. protects you from this risk. It only allows social media platforms to post your preselected, approved content. And any links can be set to display an interstitial, offsite disclaimer prior to the user reaching the destination — keeping you safe and compliant.

Use to:

  • Keep your links short and free of risky words
  • Link to content without revealing the URL of the destination site
  • Control the copy and images that appear with links in a social post
  • Show an interstitial disclaimer or greeting before users get to your site

Put your brand in a better position for social sharing with a shorter, safer URL

Want to learn more about how prevents risk in social spaces?

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