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SocialQueue gathers and alerts you to activity data across your social channels so you can respond in real-time


Engage your audience.
Reduce your risk.

Push notifications from social networks are inconsistent. Manual monitoring is labor-intensive. Plus, users may comment on a post from six months ago. One missed mention could put your company at risk. So how can you be sure your social monitoring program is as effective and efficient as it can be?

Now there’s an easier way for pharma to monitor what’s posted on social channels.

Be alerted when activity occurs. Be ready to respond or report it.

SocialQueue collects activity data across your social channels, reducing the amount of time needed to catalog commentary and freeing you to focus on other responsibilities.

Whenever activity occurs on your page, you receive an alert so you can respond in real-time and, when necessary, report the content to maintain FDA compliance.

Stay engaged in health-related chatter – and mitigate risk on your social sites

On Facebook:

  • 28% supporting a health-related cause
  • 27% commenting about health experiences or updates
  • 24% posting about health experiences or updates
  • 20% joining a health-related cause
  • 18% tracking and sharing health symptoms or behavior
  • 16% posting reviews of medications, treatments, doctors or insurers
  • 16% sharing health-related videos or images

Want to learn more about monitoring your social spaces with SocialQueue?

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