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share»send»save is the only tool that enables compliant, reliable sharing of your content across the digital universe

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Connect with consumers.
Don’t sacrifice compliance.

Navigating the waters of social connectivity can be tricky for any business. But in a heavily regulated space like the pharmaceutical industry, it can be downright risky. So risky, in fact, that many pharma brands avoid it altogether — and miss out on building relationships with potential customers in the process.

Share with confidence.
Control your content.

Popular free social sharing tools don’t provide the amount of content control that pharmas require to stay compliant. With share»send»save, you’re in control of how your message is shared. It’s the only tool that enables compliant, reliable sharing of your content across the digital universe.

Enable sharing of your digital content on social networks without sacrificing compliance
Allow site visitors to easily send your web content via email, expanding your audience
Allow site visitors to easily refer back to content at a later time with browser bookmark/favorite integration

Get the industry-standard sharing tool used by top pharmaceutical companies

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Now that you’ve seen how share»send»save enables pharma-friendly social sharing, see how, our customized URL shortener, further enables compliance within the social space.




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