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Do you have what it takes to succeed here?

Intouch is always on the lookout for talented professionals with brains, hearts, and more. If you’re ready to create innovations in digital healthcare marketing, we want to hear from you. Scan our departments or openings to see if there’s a place on our team for you.

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As trusted liaisons between clients and internal teams, Intouch account people pull the pieces together to deliver outstanding results. Experts in their own right, our account staffers demonstrate flexibility daily, constantly wearing different hats to partner with all departments. They operate at the center of each project and touch every aspect of the process. Intouch account people use their marketing and pharma prowess to help build award-winning campaigns for our clients.

It’s one thing to launch an innovative website or ad campaign; it’s another to make sure it’s a success. That’s where our analytics team rules. Utilizing extraordinary color-coding and multiple tabs, they design spreadsheets with mind-boggling skill. Intouch analytics staffers break down the charts, the numbers, and the comparisons—and phase out the noise. So everyone clearly knows what we accomplished and what we must do to improve in the future.

The Intouch creative department is where art, copy, and code come together in breakthrough style. Top-flight creative directors, art directors, copywriters, science writers, interactive designers, proofreaders, art buyers, video producers, and others team up to make every experience original, motivating, and engaging. Our innovative work wins awards; new business; client praise; and, most importantly, the hearts and minds of the people whose lives we seek to improve.

Anxiously awaiting the next version of iOS, latest Android gadget, or buzzed-about app, our development team always seeks new ideas to implement and give Intouch the creative edge. Business system analysts, quality assurance staffers and developers collaborate with other departments to turn conceptual designs into fully functioning experiences, helping to deliver innovative digital marketing to our clients. In their spare time, they kick @ss in hackathon challenges, creating progressive web-based and mobile apps.

Our IT department performs stealthily and behind-the-scenes, rarely drawing the spotlight; however, they are totally integral to the company’s success. With professional responsiveness and savvy, the IT team ensures that Intouch runs smoothly, allowing us to innovate, push boundaries, and deliver the highest level of service to our clients. We count on them to keep an eye on the technological horizon to make certain we’re always up-to-speed and moving forward.

The communications we craft only succeed when they reach the intended audiences with the greatest impact. Intouch media staffers are masters at connecting the right message to the right people—from consumers to healthcare professionals—for the perfect impression. Our media team handles the planning and buying for digital and traditional channels; plus, they integrate media campaigns with the broader digital ecosystem to deliver the best results for our clients.

Our planners are cultural archaeologists, uncovering vital information and key insights about the categories we cover and the target audiences we touch. They help bring meaning and purpose to everything we do, from writing thoughtful strategies to plotting patient treatment journeys. Plus, they conduct research to verify the communications and experiences resonate. In short, our planners make everyone at Intouch smarter.

At Intouch, project management requires world-class wrangling. Fortunately, our project managers know how to keep all the proverbial plates spinning, ensuring everything moves forward on schedule and on budget. And our technical engagement managers see that the development and execution of sites, mobile sites, and apps happen on time with the proper departmental resources. The project management team helps Intouch run as a well-oiled machine.

It’s all about relationships. At Intouch, the relationship marketing team believes that CRM is a tool to create, grow, and solidify relationships with our clients’ unique patients and HCPs. We partner with clients to develop strategies and execute campaigns that will foster loyalty via original, timely content directly suited to their needs and interests.

Our medical team helps turn science into an art. Like experts in an emergency room, they are capable of handling any situation with exceptional skill, creativity, and professionalism. Medical teammates collaborate with other staffers to determine the scientific feasibility, credibility, and possibility of big ideas. They can consult via insights, competitive reviews, and data diving or carry an entire project from start to finish—ultimately ensuring the clinical veracity of our work.

In this social age, relationships between people, companies, and brands are paramount. Our social media department doesn't measure success just on numbers, but also on the ability to create conversations and relationships for our clients. We get social because we do it every day. We prove it with our clients' success in the social space—as well as our vision to create industry-specific social tools like share»send»save®, PharmaWall®, and even this video.

Our user experience (UX) team helps in brand planning, new business, website and app creation, project charter briefings, and more. They tap into raw materials like user behavior, research, and data, marrying it with user needs—based on mind-set and/or expectation—to craft actionable blueprints that inspire teammates to produce their art. In short, our UX team ensures every system and product is an intuitive, relevant, and easy-to-use experience.