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Start Digital

In the early days of digital marketing, the Web was just another channel for delivering a campaign. Take a brochure and put it on the Web. Create a print campaign; make it into a webpage. Those days are so over.

The Internet has evolved to be the most critical component of a brand’s marketing campaign. It’s time to start thinking about where your customers are and how they are looking for information.

Before they get to your site, your customers will be searching for information, reading news and research about your product, and engaging with other customers via social media.

The Web is the default destination for consumers searching for health information. But it’s also the key to starting a dialogue with your customers.

The Internet and social media enable a two-way exchange of information. Instead of broadcasting a message that interrupts what your customer is doing and thinking, a digital message promotes conversation. The Web allows you to speak to your customers when they are actually looking for the information you want to provide.

And that requires a different approach.

We believe a successful interactive marketing approach requires a forward-thinking digital strategy. That means using leading technologies and expertise. The best pharma marketing has a digital core.

Don’t retrofit your offline campaign to be a static webpage. Don’t try to make your other media fit the digital space.

Start digital. The rest will follow.

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