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our story

Leading digital pharma for over 18 years

It may seem strange that a marketing agency was born from information technology, but that’s where our story begins.

Back in the ’90s, our CEO Faruk Capan worked in IT within the pharmaceutical industry. There he saw the possibilities of using an amazing emerging technology called “the Internet” to build patient communities.

We’re dispelling the misperception that the best digital agencies can’t also be the best strategic partners.

Faruk founded Intouch Solutions in 1999, with the dream of merging innovative marketing with technological solutions. Little did he know he would help pioneer the digital landscape for the pharma industry.

Since then, we’ve grown a lot, and in the process, we’ve achieved a few “firsts” in the digital pharma world. We:

  • Introduced the first patient community portal in the pharma industry
  • Won the first Webby Award in the Pharmaceuticals category
  • Spoke at the historic FDA hearing on the Internet and social media
  • Launched one of the first pharma-focused iPhone ® and iPad ® apps
  • Developed the first pharma-friendly social sharing widget

And we’re still innovating. For over 18 years, we’ve been bringing pharma brand awareness to consumers and professionals, and we’ve become part of a growing trend of digital agencies taking the lead on strategic and creative services.