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Webinar Recap: DTC Perspectives – A COVID-19 Focused Event

DTC Perspectives recently hosted a webinar – Virtual DTC National: A COVID-19 Focused Event – that addressed how the COVID-19 pandemic has so far affected patients and other pharmaceutical and healthcare stakeholders. Get key takeaways from the event and register for Intouch's new whitepaper on the aftermath of COVID-19.


Impact of COVID-19 on Brand Planning

COVID-19 is accelerating and amplifying healthcare trends, plus creating entirely new ones. In this Intouch POV, we provide strategic and tactical thought-starters for pharma marketers to effectively plan for 2021.


Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Trials

New guidance from the FDA and EMA has opened the door to clinical trial protocol flexibility in order to maintain the integrity of the research currently underway. This Intouch POV looks at the challenges & opportunities for pharma marketers.

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